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Robert Richards, however, argues in his book The Romantic Conception of Life that Schelling's interventions were not only appropriate but most likely irrelevant, as the doctors called to the scene assured everyone involved that Auguste's disease was inevitably fatal.

Schlegel had moved to Berlin, and a divorce was arranged with Goethe's help. Schelling's time at Jena came to an end, and on 2 June he and Caroline were married away from Jena.

Their marriage ceremony was the last occasion Schelling met his school friend the poet Friedrich Hölderlin , who was already mentally ill at that time.

In his Jena period, Schelling had a closer relationship with Hegel again. Hegel wrote a book titled Differenz des Fichte'schen und Schelling'schen Systems der Philosophie Difference between Fichte's and Schelling's Systems of Philosophy , , and supported Schelling's position against his idealistic predecessors, Fichte and Karl Leonhard Reinhold.

Beginning in January , Hegel and Schelling published the Kritisches Journal der Philosophie Critical Journal of Philosophy as co-editors, publishing papers on the philosophy of nature, but Schelling was too busy to stay involved with the editing and the magazine was mainly Hegel's publication, espousing a thought different from Schelling's.

The magazine ceased publication in the spring of when Schelling moved from Jena to Würzburg. This period was marked by considerable flux in his views and by a final breach with Fichte and Hegel.

In Würzburg, a conservative Catholic city, Schelling found many enemies among his colleagues and in the government.

He moved then to Munich in , where he found a position as a state official, first as associate of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities and secretary of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts , afterwards as secretary of the Philosophische Klasse philosophical section of the Academy of Sciences.

In Schelling received the manuscript of Hegel's Phaenomenologie des Geistes Phenomenology of the Spirit or Mind , which Hegel had sent to him, asking Schelling to write the foreword.

Surprised to find remarks directed at his own philosophical theory, Schelling eventually wrote back, asking Hegel to clarify whether he had intended to mock Schelling's followers who lacked a true understanding of his thought, or Schelling himself.

Hegel never replied. In the same year, Schelling gave a speech about the relation between the visual arts and nature at the Academy of Fine Arts; and Hegel wrote a severe criticism of it to one of his friends.

After that, they criticized each other in lecture rooms and in books publicly until the end of their lives. Without resigning his official position in Munich, he lectured for a short time in Stuttgart Stuttgarter Privatvorlesungen [Stuttgart private lectures], , and seven years at the University of Erlangen — Three years later, Schelling married one of her closest friends, Pauline Gotter , in whom he found a faithful companion.

During the long stay at Munich — Schelling's literary activity came gradually to a standstill. It is possible that it was the overpowering strength and influence of the Hegelian system that constrained Schelling, for it was only in , after the death of Hegel, that, in a preface to a translation by Hubert Beckers of a work by Victor Cousin , he gave public utterance to the antagonism in which he stood to the Hegelian, and to his own earlier, conception of philosophy.

The antagonism certainly was not then a new fact; the Erlangen lectures on the history of philosophy of express the same in a pointed fashion, and Schelling had already begun the treatment of mythology and religion which in his view constituted the true positive complements to the negative of logical or speculative philosophy.

Public attention was powerfully attracted by these vague hints of a new system which promised something more positive, especially in its treatment of religion, than the apparent results of Hegel's teaching.

The appearance of critical writings by David Friedrich Strauss , Ludwig Feuerbach , and Bruno Bauer , and the evident disunion in the Hegelian school itself, express a growing alienation from the then dominant philosophy.

In Berlin, the headquarters of the Hegelians, this found expression in attempts to obtain officially from Schelling a treatment of the new system which he was understood to have in reserve.

The realization of the desire did not come about till , when the appointment of Schelling as Prussian privy councillor and member of the Berlin Academy, gave him the right, a right he was requested to exercise, to deliver lectures in the university.

The enmity of his old foe, H. Paulus , sharpened by Schelling's apparent success, led to the surreptitious publication of a verbatim report of the lectures on the philosophy of revelation, and, as Schelling did not succeed in obtaining legal condemnation and suppression of this piracy, he in ceased the delivery of any public courses.

His dissertation was De Marcione Paullinarum epistolarum emendatore On Marcion as emendator of the Pauline letters. His more elaborate work, Vom Ich als Prinzip der Philosophie, oder über das Unbedingte im menschlichen Wissen On Self as Principle of Philosophy, or on the Unrestricted in Human Knowledge , , while still remaining within the limits of the Fichtean idealism, showed a tendency to give the Fichtean method a more objective application, and to amalgamate Spinoza 's views with it.

He contributed articles and reviews to the Philosophisches Journal of Fichte and Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer , and threw himself into the study of physical and medical science.

In Schelling published Philosophische Briefe über Dogmatismus und Kritizismus Philosophical Letters on Dogmatism and Criticism , consisting of 10 letters addressed to an unknown interlocutor that presented both a defense and critique of the Kantian system.

It survives in Hegel's handwriting. On its first publication by Franz Rosenzweig , it was attributed to Schelling.

It has also been claimed for Hegel and Hölderlin. In Ideen Schelling referred to Leibniz and quoted from his Monadology.

He held Leibniz in high regard because of his view of nature during his natural philosophy period. In this book Schelling described transcendental philosophy and nature philosophy as complementary to one another.

The breach became unrecoverable in , after Schelling published Darstellung des Systems meiner Philosophie "Presentation of My System of Philosophy".

Fichte thought this title absurd, since in his opinion philosophy could not be personalized. Moreover, in this book Schelling publicly expressed his estimation of Spinoza, whose work Fichte had repudiated as dogmatism, and declared that nature and spirit differ only in their quantity, but are essentially identical Identität.

According to Schelling, the absolute was the indifference or identity, which he considered to be an essential subject of philosophy.

The "Aphorisms on Naturphilosophie " published in the Jahrbücher der Medicin als Wissenschaft — are for the most part extracts from the Würzburg lectures, and the Denkmal der Schrift von den göttlichen Dingen des Herrn Jacobi [29] was a response to an attack by Jacobi the two accused each other of atheism [38].

A work of significance is the Philosophische Untersuchungen über das Wesen der menschlichen Freiheit und die damit zusammenhängenden Gegenstände Philosophical Inquiries into the Essence of Human Freedom , which carries out, with increasing tendency to mysticism , the thoughts of the previous work, Philosophie und Religion Philosophy and Religion , This work clearly paraphrased Kant's distinction between intelligible and empirical character.

Otherwise, Schelling himself called freedom "a capacity for good and evil". The tract Ueber die Gottheiten zu Samothrake "On the Divinities of Samothrace " appeared in , ostensibly a portion of a greater work, Weltalter "The ages of the world" , frequently announced as ready for publication, but of which little was ever written.

Schelling planned Weltalter as a book in three parts, describing the past, present, and future of the world; however, he began only the first part, rewriting it several times and at last keeping it unpublished.

The other two parts were left only in planning. Christopher John Murray describes the work as follows:. Building on the premise that philosophy cannot ultimately explain existence, he merges the earlier philosophies of Nature and identity with his newfound belief in a fundamental conflict between a dark unconscious principle and a conscious principle in God.

God makes the universe intelligible by relating to the ground of the real but, insofar as nature is not complete intelligence, the real exists as a lack within the ideal and not as reflective of the ideal itself.

The three universal ages — distinct only to us but not in the eternal God — therefore comprise a beginning where the principle of God before God is divine will striving for being, the present age, which is still part of this growth and hence a mediated fulfillment, and a finality where God is consciously and consummately Himself to Himself.

No authentic information on the new positive philosophy positive Philosophie of Schelling was available until after his death at Bad Ragatz , on 20 August His sons then began the issue of his collected writings with the four volumes of Berlin lectures: vol.

Introduction to the Philosophy of Mythology ; ii. Philosophy of Mythology ; iii. Philosophy of Revelation Schelling at all stages of his thought called to his aid outward forms of some other system.

Fichte, Spinoza, Jakob Boehme and the mystics, and finally, major Greek thinkers with their Neoplatonic , Gnostic , and Scholastic commentators, give colouring to particular works.

In Schelling's own view, his philosophy fell into three stages. The function of Schelling's Naturphilosophie is to exhibit the ideal as springing from the real.

The change which experience brings before us leads to the conception of duality, the polar opposition through which nature expresses itself.

The dynamical series of stages in nature are matter, as the equilibrium of the fundamental expansive and contractive forces; light, with its subordinate processes magnetism, electricity, and chemical action ; organism, with its component phases of reproduction, irritability and sensibility.

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Ricerca con Google all'interno delle biografie del sito. Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Dizionario di filosofia Filosofo Leonberg, Württemberg, - Ragaz, Svizzera, Gli studi e i primi scritti.

Filosofo tedesco Leonberg, Württemberg, - Ragaz, Svizzera, , ebbe parte notevole nello sviluppo del Romanticismo e a D. Come dice il titolo stesso Ueber D.

Pensatore tedesco, nato a Leonberg Württemberg il 21 gennaio , morto a Ragaz Svizzera il 20 agosto Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling , e al suo pensiero: la filosofia sch.

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