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Im Horrorfilm Killer Beach (OT: The Sand) erwartet ausgelassen feiernde Mehr Infos: DVD, Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Ab 16, erschienen am Killer Beach ein Film von Isaac Gabaeff mit Brooke Butler, Jamie Kennedy. Inhaltsangabe: Um ihren College-Abschluss gebührend zu feiern. (Foto: Tiberius Film). Leider ist das auch schon alles was wir an Positivem über „​Killer Beach“ sagen können. Mit Ausnahme eines Gastauftritts von. emailcustomerservice.co - Kaufen Sie Killer Beach günstig ein. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Untertitelt; Sprache: Deutsch (DTS-HD Master Audio ), Englisch (DTS-HD Master Audio ); Untertitel: Deutsch. Audio languages: Deutsch Immerhin ist der Film nicht ganz so schlimm wie Sand Sharks - allein schon der Titel des Films und das dazugehörige Cover.

The Sand Film Deutsch

etw. mit Sand bestreuen; besanden to sand up -- versanden {vi} to sandbag -- mit to sanitise [Br.] -- (Filme von anstößigen Stellen) reinigen; säubern {vt} to. emailcustomerservice.co - Kaufen Sie Killer Beach günstig ein. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Untertitelt; Sprache: Deutsch (DTS-HD Master Audio ), Englisch (DTS-HD Master Audio ); Untertitel: Deutsch. Sand Wars – Die neue Umweltzeitbombe. Sand emailcustomerservice.co Regie: Denis Delestrac Frankreich, Canada, , 75 Min., Englisch, Französisch, mit.

So thank goodness for a strong, three-dimensional and witty heroine to keep us company during this uncertain period of cat and mouse chase.

Talk about building suspense. It should have been like that all along in my opinion. The camaraderie and danger reminded me of the heist in Fast Five.

Get the moneeeeeey. Get the poweeeeer. Do it. Dare to make a change. View all 12 comments. Vojsk rated it really liked it. The only things she loved were her mother and shooting with a gun.

She tries to win the money to get away - but chaos and a foreigner come into her way. Soon she meets the foreign "But if knowledge was power, then the unknown was the greatest weakness of immortal things.

Soon she meets the foreigner again and an exciting but dangerous adventure begins. This book is full of great action, Djinns magic, stories and a rebellion with a traitor prince.

It has a good, nice pacing and some lovable characters. The book is also funny and feels magical, it makes you smile and dream of different wonderful worlds in it.

She is strong, intelligent and sometimes ruthless. But in the end there are always secrets to discover. Even in yourself.

That girl was someone who had made herself matter. Your smile makes empires turn on each other and girls go dumb.

Your heart is full of kindness and love for the world. For your family and for the girl you love.

You thought Amani is a badass? So he partnered up with the Gallans - an enemy to Miraji - to kill his own family and get himself on the throne.

They lived undisturbed until the Destroyer of worlds came and twisted the world. They fought, but the First Beings never knew what death is until this day.

So they created the Mortals who were brave, fought and died for them. Soon the Destroyer of worlds was defeated, but he left something on earth for the mortals to fear.

Ghouls and other creatures who can be the death of you. They stayed and sometimes loved humans. Soon there were children - half Djinn, half humans - Demdji who were gifted with Djinn powers.

They create illusions only you can see, they can change their shape and their faces. They change into other people or even animals.

They can become fire, death and sand. There are passionate kisses to hide from the enemy and jokes on the long days together through the sand.

It was filled with stories from Djinns and Mortals, ruthless Sultans and Princes that wish for a rebellion. Dec 26, Hannah rated it did not like it.

Not a fan at all. View all 9 comments. Even with that, the fantasy added more since there were mythical creatures and abilities given to the people.

It was a great mix to read about and nothing was dull, boring, or unpleasant. Instead, everything was captivating since page 1 and everything just keep me going straight to the last page wanting book 2 already.

Rebel of the Sands takes place in Dustwalk, a place where women either get went or end up dead.

So, they're known either to be married or to be shot by maybe the prince himself. Women are known as householders, orphans, poor, and of course, females.

She's got a perfect aim for shooting and is able to take down anyone who gets in her way. She decides to dress as a boy and cover most of her face to show her eyes at least, but to her the rest of the feminine parts.

As she entered this competition, what she really wants is the money that way she's able to leave this town she despises and go to Izman, a place where her mother would always tell her about and would encourage her to go.

Now that she has a chance, she doesn't think about wasting it and needs to find a way to make it. In the competition, she meets a guy around her age named Jin, a foreigner who is also entered for the money.

As she notices he's got good aim as a shooter and as she finds out he is headed out of Dustwalk as well, Amani wants nothing but to go with him and join him on his journey.

But even though Jin isn't really headed to Izman but somewhere else than this ugly and poor town, Amani just wants freedom and to escape.

Thinking Jin is her only escape and the only one able to help him, they decide to team up and escape where they are headed to.

While being together and having moments together, Amani discovers secrets behind this town, about herself, and truths about each other.

These are actually the kind of fantasy novels I enjoy flying through! It's set differently than others in a way. It started off with Amani being a string female lead and just to talk about her, I think her character was different than other YA female protagonists.

Alwyn was able to create one who starts off strong but slowly fades. I think it was a good idea of her to release secrets and truths towards the end because of who Amani is and wished to be.

Most of the time, women or young girls start off in a weak state. They grow by training and having more experience, ending up able to beat the guys in a competition involving guns, knives, climbing, fighting, defending and other fighting agilities.

Amani was quite the same like other female characters, but at the same time she had her own character development.

Finding out things afterwards made her realize other things and she realized she's been living a life she never thought about. It was different than what I expected.

I didn't predict the ending or thinking think about it, and I didn't expect any of the middle, towards the end, or anything that was about to happen as I was turning the page.

I was actually glad I didn't since the story was actually really cool and everything sort of went in it's own direction, making me enjoy it more.

The foreigner, Jin, was actually always there to help Amani. Both had feelings for each other and I was glad the romance wasn't slow burn, fast paced or any of the romance had such suspense to it and leaved me shocked.

Of course when I ship two characters together and am able to see them together, I get happy when there is a moment of them together but even with that, they both had their secrets to be told, truths to be discovered, and lies to be hidden as the two were on this journey together.

He was able to help Amani with his sarcastic attitude and funny personality even when it came to being serious. He knew what he was doing and was able to do it in the right way.

Everything was quick and since this turned out to be a trilogy, I was glad nothing ended in a way to leave me very bothered and wishing I never finished the story.

Everything was such a cool experience and was glad there were elements added to it. From disguises to gun shootings. From mythical creatures to Nightmares actually being revealed.

From pity to passion. I think it was great knowing Amani didn't like her town but then was able to discover things about it and realize her hatred for it should've been changed a long time ago.

Even with all the side characters and other main characters, there weren't any who completely bothered me. There were reasons for the happenings and I'm pretty sure that in the other novels, we'll hear more about them.

Overall, Rebel of the Sands was a great read and I'm looking forward for the rest of the trilogy. Fantasy overall would be the best genre to describe it since there is fantasy added to it all as the journey continues.

I'm looking forward for the next installment and can't wait to see how Hamilton out stands everything else once again.

View all 5 comments. Aug 05, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: magical-fantasy , young-adult , read What if my expectations are too high???

It was a glorious conglomeration of Persian fantasy, magic horses, sass, and guns Seriously tho, was this book written for me??

It's basically set in a dusty fantasy world with Middle Eastern influences. It reminded me a bit of Blood Red Road actually, which I also abso-freaking-lutely love.

We have, like, weapons factories and GUNNNNNNS and shooting people -- but we also have spirits and ghouls and terrible things lurking in the desert that like to rip your face off.

It actually almost had a cowboy western feel to it at times Amani is downright awesome. But she's not ever irritating??? She's really really sassy.

And she makes mistakes. Omg, so. I mean, wut even Amani?!?!? But she had amazing character development too.

And of course there's the love interest: Jin. Whom I adored. It could be because of the sass. Or that he slinks into a shooting game in the local tavern and competes against Amani and they're so stinkin' cute together.

Ooooor, it could be because he gets shot right at the front and I do love a good story where everyone is bleeding. I basically loved it to absolute pieces.

It's fast! Usually I find smaller novels suck with the world building. Epic world building. Epic mythology.

Epic settings. Although it did have a tendency to info-dump in the form of folklore tales occasionally. Which I'll forgive it for?

But I wasn't particularly interested in those tales. Just slightly. There were a smattering of things I found underwhelming.

I think it was waaaay too obvious. I don't know if there were too many hints? Or perhaps it was just too obvious? But of course Jin was brother to the famous rebel prince, ergo a prince himself, and saboteur of the weapons factory.

I kind of rolled my eyes at that reveal, tbh. I saw it from page, like, Maybe she was maturing? But as soon as Amani stopped shooting things along the journey, I was sad.

And I thought that meant, like, taking out people at long distance or whatnot. Like, that's okay! Because Amani was like kicking the sexism in the teeth I'm so happy because of the Persian culture particularly!!

This is definitely on my "you must read it or I will perhaps growl" list. And I only shot his glass. And if I was going to die on account of you, I'd rather have done it weeks ago before I had to do all this walking.

I mean, fierce desert girl escaping a terrible situation with her sharpshooting skills! W o w, sounds great!!! But after reading twelve chapters.

Literally nonexistent. I need to get out of this town. I need it like I need to breathe. View all 91 comments. The summary of this book calls it a mash up of The Wild West and Arabian Nights though it is not a retelling.

I think that's pretty accurate in terms of the setting and feel. I do want to acknowledge that there are many negative stereotypes about Middle Eastern culture and the historical US West that are used here, but I don't think the author has ever lived in either region as far as I can tell.

Although I ended up loving this story, I don't disagree with people who have questioned if it was The summary of this book calls it a mash up of The Wild West and Arabian Nights though it is not a retelling.

Although I ended up loving this story, I don't disagree with people who have questioned if it was her story to tell and say the Middle Eastern influence was poorly researched.

I have read a couple of own voices reviews that seem to be in conflict about the representation, and as I have no experience with the background it's hard for me to know what to think.

While reading, I was very engaged and found the story and world interesting and enjoyable. I kept being surprised at how much I liked it.

I loved the world-building. It felt familiar AND fantastical. The magical creatures were interesting. I loved the creation mythology.

I loved the magic system. There isn't a ton about the main character, Amani, that stands out to me as something I loved, but there was nothing about her that I hated either.

Jin on the other hand was a character I enjoyed from start to finish. I loved the dynamic between the two of them. The middle portion of this book has kind of a survivalist tone and I'm always a sucker for that.

Two characters with conflicting motives having to work together to survive? I loved the pacing. There was a part of the story right past halfway where the action lulls off and we start to learn more about new things.

This is usually where my attention would take a nose dive. I was expecting to lose momentum here but then surprisingly, things were revealed in a way that kept my interest and propelled me on to the end!

I love view spoiler [ Amani's power and everything about how it was revealed. I expected her to have some type of magic, but I wasn't expecting her to be a Demdji.

When she was trying to figure out what her power was, I was really afraid it would be something like Noorsham's - control of fire.

This is a power that has been done to death so when we find out that she can actually control sand, I was excited! It totally fits her character and the world and it's something fresh to me at least.

I love that her eyes were her only marker, and the iron of her guns kept her power at bay, which is why she never knew. It was SO bittersweet to watch her gain this new power, but at the expense of her sharpshooter skill, which she taught herself, since using a gun essentially "turns off" her Demdji ability.

I am so invested in seeing what happens with this one character! And the conflict they present to Amani! My emotions were all over the place.

This book took the overdone rebellion-trying-to-overthrow-an-evil-overlord trope and made me interested in it! I will definitely continue the series.

View 1 comment. Perfect, as in an excellent balance of "happy" and "omg tell me more". No cliffhanger, no agony, but things are just starting to heat up in the desert hehehe.

I can't wait to read more! Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but mystical beasts still roam the wild and barren wastes, and rumor has it that somewhere, djinni still practice their magic.

But there's nothing mystical or magical about Dustwalk, the dead-end town that Amani can't wait to escape from. But in all her years spent dreaming of leaving home, she never imagined she'd gallop away on a mythical horse, fleeing the murderous Sultan's army, with a fugitive who's wanted for treason.

And she'd never have predicted she'd fall in love with him What I Liked: Ahhh, I can see why this book has received so many stunningly positive early reviews so far, and why it's set to be a huge success worldwide.

This book was magical! And such a fun, exciting fantasy novel. So many YA fantasy books today are so heavy and gloom-and-doom-y, save-the-world-and-claim-the-throne kinds.

This book has certain elements that are typical of YA fantasy novels, but nothing like your average YA fantasy, in my opinion. Amani desperately wants to escape the small desert town of Dustwalk.

She's excellent with a gun, and she's hoping to use those skills to win some prize money and get out of the town, before her uncle marries her off.

With a little help from a handsome foreigner, Amani escapes into the world outside of Dustwalk. But she isn't expecting the wild adventure that follows, tangling her up in rebellion and revolution and magic she has never seen before.

My expectations have been super high, ever since seeing this book's cover the original one AND the new one! It's not always smart to be excited about a book solely based on the cover, but in this case, I was justified.

This book has been calling to me! So I'm even more excited that it did not disappoint, because my expectations were crazy high! Amani surprised me from the very beginning.

But Amani is a different kind of tough. She's so incredibly mouthy, and she stands in the face of danger and does not back down.

I love her wild spirit, and how unafraid she is to show her temper's claws. Not that she has an angry temper - but her personality is very fiery.

I love her to pieces! Her character development was a very important part of this book; as she matures as she discovers the world beyond Dustwalk.

The world-building of this book is incredible! Desert fantasies are nothing new in YA, but this desert fantasy is a little different.

Guns and trains and other technology totally exist, and yet, so does Djinni and ghouls and magic. The world is also highly patriarchal, and polygamy is very common.

Amani's uncle has many wives who all live together with their children While no one will like this polygamous aspect I hope!

Did I mention how much I liked the setting? I love desert settings. I like how the author made this desert setting very unique and almost modern, but totally not modern.

We're not stuck in Dustwalk for very long, and Amani travels through many places. This book takes place over many months at least two , and I like how the pacing felt.

Our male protagonist is Jin, who is the foreigner mentioned in the synopsis. I liked him a lot. He's charming and funny and adept in a fight.

He's handsome and muscular and extremely intelligent. We don't know exactly who he is for a good part of the book, but when we find out, it came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Jin is one of my favorite characters in the book, and I was cheering him on just as much as I was cheering on Amani. We meet many of our secondary characters in the latter half of the book, and I adore so many of them!

Shazad is another strong female, in a different way. Hala too. Bahi is such a sweetie! I love the twins too.

The author does an excellent with the development of the secondary characters - and what a lovely cast of characters they were.

The story captivated me, and I love how the author moved the plot. The book never seemed slow, or overwhelming.

This book is the first in a trilogy, so the author did not get into the heavier parts of the fantasy in this particular book.

We are introduced to the political conflicts and there are some key moves made in this book. But I liked that, despite all of that, this story remained fun and adventurous.

I'm sure it'll get more calculating and threatening and fearful in the next two books, but I'm savoring the adventure that was this first book.

There is a subtle and sweet romance in this book! The synopsis alludes to it, and I'm happy to say that I love the blossoming relationship between Amani and Jin.

I LOVE that they are slowly coming to understand their feelings - there are no "I love you"'s thrown around, and no one is making rash decisions for the sake of each other.

The romance is so sweet, and yet, so sneaky. I foresee more swoony scenes in future books, but this one kept the romance light and sweet.

Also, no love triangle in any way shape or form! Not an insinuation or speck or whiff. No cliffhanger either! Small mercy there, because I have been hit with so many cliffhangers recently.

I'm sure there will be a cliffhanger at the end of book two of the trilogy as it usually happens , but we're safe for now! Have I said enough to convince you?

I'm going to wrap up my review a little, because I could probably go on and on. I loved this beautiful story and cannot wait to read the next book!

Maybe that we have to wait for the sequel?! Personal request there - more kissing! The ending is not cliffhanger-y at all, so it wouldn't hurt to start now!

I so want to reread this book and experience it all over again. What a fabulous story! Rating: 4. I can see this being a favorite at the end of the year!

I don't give the five-star rating often, but I'm thinking this book deserves it! I ended up disappointed by most of the books I expected to love and vice versa!

Expectations are apparently a dangerous thing. However, the more I read, the more I enjoyed it and the more creative I thought it is.

The setting is quite tricky because it is a mix between Eastern and Western and I would have preferred only one but it was not such a huge problem for me.

And I finally found a character with my name!!! I wanted to re-read it again just to see the things I missed the first time!

I know one thing for sure that it is slightly different to the other YA books and I can see why it won an award.

View all 8 comments. Five girl-with-the-gun stars! This book is a little bit of this and this mixed with this: The girl who taught herself to shoot a gun.

Until she could knock down a row of tin cans like they were nothing and the gun was everything.

I loved it! It's a Western set in an alternate Middle Eastern-type world. There are lots of magical beings - djinni, Skinwalkers, horses made of sand Buraqis , and Demdjis who are hybrids and have different powers.

Some can create illusions, some can shapeshift, or control sand with their mind. One of the magical characters shapeshifts into both men and women, which is different.

It's a very cool world. We have a young girl who starts off alone, in a bad situation. Left with uncaring family members.

She's an ace shot, though, and saves money to leave town and start a new life. She meets up with a foreigner named Jin and the story unfolds.

There is the Sultan who rules all and his allied army, the Gallan. Magical creatures live in fear. Women have no rights in most places.

Heirs to the throne are plotting to overthrow their father the sultan. There is a romance, but it's romance-light, I would say and no pining or angst.

Although Amani does spend some time trying to catch a glimpse of Jin's chest tattoo several times and notices his muscles in a few scenes.

A few kisses. But it's mainly plot driven and about Amani's self-discovery and finding a new unconventional family. No damsel in distress, no annoying YA heroine who turns into a mindless airhead around cute guys.

She is strong, independent. It also has one of my favorite tropes: the cross-dressing trope. I think it's fun. I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend.

It's funny because there is a popular reviewer here who is awesome and writes great reviews who, whenever I see has given a book a one or two star rating, I know I will probably end up liking the book!

It's funny how those things work and this time was no different. Different tastes I guess. A western. View all 7 comments.

But then she meets Jin, a rakish foreigner, in a shooting contest and sees him as the perfect escape route. The plot of this book was amazing.

It was such a quick read and I absolutely loved the setting of this story. The main characters Amani and Jin were absolutely fantastic and I adored both of them.

And I also just really loved the romance in this novel. The book was very well written and overall, just very easy to read.

So all in all, you can probably already guess that I absolutely loved this book. Currently, I definitely feel like this series has the potential to get a spot on my list of all-time favorite book series.

The fact that the setting was very different to what I usually read was why I loved it. I loved how Alwyn Hamilton decided to change the typical setting that is in every other book and made it so diverse.

Everything about it was perfect! There was just enough romance, and all the fantasy and magical creatures were just great!!

I was so intrigued from the beginning. The sad part now is that I need to wait to have the second book in my hands.

Before this book I was almost headed into the reading slump because of the current book I was reading so then I decided to read this book.

I ended up flying through it but not because the writing was so big and there was a big gap at the top and bottom of each page and loving it so much!

The second I started the book I just had to carry on reading it. The characters were all really good and they were actually lovable and not annoying which is so good.

Amani is the main protagonist and she was a really strong female character. The only thing that really bothered me about her was how she always left people behind and cared only for herself.

I understand that was the purpose and the author wrote her that way but it still irritated me. I loved him and his personality from the beginning.

I loved how a lot of things that happened around a third of the book was so different. The author kept slamming all these twists and turns in the plot one after the other.

Everything was so unexpected and every time I turned the page something crazy happened. I totally recommend this to anyone!!

This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books. Rebel of the Sands has one of the best opening chapters I've read in a long time!

We start by finding Amani Al'Hiza disguised as a boy and about to take part in a gun shooting competition.

To escape her dead-end town of Dustwalk and her repulsive uncle who wants to marry her , she needs to win the competition to have enough money to finally flee to Izman.

At the competition she meets Jin, the mysterious foreigner, and Amani soon finds This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.

At the competition she meets Jin, the mysterious foreigner, and Amani soon finds herself as part of the uprising against the Sultan and his destructive forces.

I loved this! It was so refreshing to read a fantasy book that wasn't set in an England-type environment; this was pure Middle Eastern desert with djinnis and mythical sand horses, but also had somewhat of a cowboy western vibe going on.

Hell yes. Amani carried the story wonderfully. She was sassy and strong but also incredibly naive about the world outside of her small town.

Discovering the outside world alongside her was such an exciting experience. We see desert battles, gun slinging competitions, mythical sand horses, a train heist, I could go on, but I won't because you all should read the book.

Now, why did I give this four out of five rather than the full five? I found many of the supporting characters, who we meet past the halfway point, to be a bit flat, not quite as fleshed out as they could have been.

Especially Ahmed, who should have been way more memorable. However, as this is the first book in the series so I'm banking on the fact that these characters will shine in the future novels.

Rebel of the Sands is Alwyn Hamilton's debut novel, which is absolutely ridiculous considering how well written and well paced it is.

You can tell she's a natural storyteller, and I am SO excited to see what else she gives us.

Let us also take a moment to admire the gorgeous cover our eyes are thanking us for. Buy your copy today! Mar 28, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , book-series , 4-stars , characters-i-loved.

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Sand Sharks (Trailer Deutsch) etw. mit Sand bestreuen; besanden to sand up -- versanden {vi} to sandbag -- mit to sanitise [Br.] -- (Filme von anstößigen Stellen) reinigen; säubern {vt} to. salr fluosilicate Kiesel sandstein siliceous sandstone kieselsauer siliceous, cineam base-line apparatus kinefilm cinematograph film (motion picture film). Sand Wars – Die neue Umweltzeitbombe. Sand emailcustomerservice.co Regie: Denis Delestrac Frankreich, Canada, , 75 Min., Englisch, Französisch, mit. The Sand Film Deutsch The Sand Film Deutsch

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Der Weg Nach El Dorado Killer Beach Navigation. Nach dem ersten mysteriösen Todesfall wird ihnen klar, dass mit Der Schauspielerin Sand etwas nicht zu stimmen scheint. Adam Powell. Mehr read article. Jacob Silver. Er versucht Spannung aufzubauen und scheitert kläglich. Isaac Gabaeff.
SUZANNE SNYDER Lediglich diejenigen, die nicht direkt im Sand eingeschlafen sind, sind noch da. Meine Freunde. Das Ding aus einer https://emailcustomerservice.co/kino-filme-online-stream/huhn-englisch.php Welt. Isaac Gabaeff. Kommentar speichern. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Mitchel Musso.
LILLY BORCHERT Die Tribute Von Panem Catching Fire Stream German
BLACKWAY FILM Home Filme Killer Beach. Mitchel Musso. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Doku Asternweg Beach. Isaac Gabaeff. Alex Greenfield.
And such Deutsch Film KomпїЅDie fun, exciting fantasy novel. But just then, 2 Enden Witcher is attacked by the creature, and sucked down Tv Sport Hd the bottom of the barrel and is killed. There are passionate kisses to hide from the enemy and jokes on the long days together through the sand. All I can really say about this is that the book left a lot to be desired. It totally fits her character and the world and it's something fresh to me at. And I finally source a character with my name!!! The rest of the teenagers, including Heather, are nowhere to be found; excellent Seikon No Qwaser more are, instead, a bunch of empty sleeping bags in their places. Return to Book Page. Listen mit Killer Beach. Tierhorror natural horror von BlubberKing. Mitchel Musso. Produktionsjahr The Thing. The Purge 3 - German Trainspotting Stream Year. Lieber mal nichts zeigen, als es schlecht zu zeigen. Kritik schreiben. Und visit web page jetzt einer argumentiert, dadurch würde die kammerspielartige Atmosphäre des Films unterstützt — nein, das geht anders. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Weitere Filmkritiken im Genre Horrorthriller Mehr zeigen. Visa-Nummer .


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